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Give a Damn About Your Reputation

Joan Jett Won’t Water Your Crops

You may have noticed, when you were first starting out, that you got a pretty nice bonus when you visited your neighbors.

5 Energy! 50 coins! 5 cloth! Wow!

And then, the second day, you noticed things were a little lacktastic…

1 energy? 1 cloth? Hey…where’d all my bonuses go!?

This is to be expected, and is part of the natural cycle of things in FrontierVille. For, unlike other Facebook games, in FrontierVille the player has to actually work for their daily bonus when visiting friends. And when I say work, I mean work. As in, you will literally be doing chores.

My numbers are blurred out because they’re embarrassingly high.

The daily bonus you receive when you visit a neighbor is directly affected by your reputation level. The only exception to this rule is when you visit a neighbor for the first time. You will always receive 5 energy, 5 cloth, and 50 coins when you visit a neighbor for the first time, reguardless of your reputation level (Unless Zynga changes it again).

So, for example, let’s say you have a reputation level of 10.

  • Then, you will receive a daily bonus for the first 10 neighbors you visit in a 24 hour period.
  • After that, you can still do chores, but you won’t receive a bonus.
  • You increase your reputation by doing chores for your neighbor.
  • You can do 5 chores for each neighbor in any 24 hour period.
  • The chores you do are up to you, but I’ve covered a list of etiquette in a previous post.

Click those hearts, girl!

Every time you perform a chore, it will spawn 1 heart, experience points, and either Food, Coins, or Wood – depending on the action you performed (if you tend crops you’ll get food – if you chop trees you’ll get wood, etc.).

Hearts are what you use to gain reputation points. You need far less reputation points per level than you do experience points, but reputation points are harder to come by. The whole process is rather time consuming, but worth the free energy you receive in the long haul.

If a player has 50 FrontierVille neighbors, and visits each neighbor everyday, that player would receive 250 reputation points per day. At that rate, you’ll have a high reputation in no time.

Plus, who wants to be a high level player with a low reputation? That just makes you look greedy – and then no one will send you the items on your wishlist.

So Pioneers, always ask yourselves:

..What Would Joan Jett Do?


Master Farmer Quest Part III

I’m so close to the finish line I can almost taste it. ONE MORE PEANUT TO GO!

I’ll post a longer article on this quest after I’m done. Right now I’m in the ZONE.

How to Unlock the Horse in FrontierVille

Oh Frontier Jack, you tease me ever so…

If you’re like me, you’re going crazy because you want a horse and can’t find one. Yes, there is one in the market, but you have to give Zynga your email address to unlock it.

I will! I’ll do anything for a Horse!

At first I was a bit apprehensive about giving Zynga my email address, but then I realized I’m probably going to buy horseshoes at some point in the future (I am blogging about this game, after all) – and having my email address is much more benign than having my credit card information.

I’ve tried unlocking the horse several times. Several times a day. I still haven’t gotten an email from Zynga confirming my subscription and unlocking the horse.

For those of you who are lucky enough to get the subscription email, take note:

– After getting the email you must click another link which is in the email

– This link will take you to a Facebook Page much like the Gift Page where you must then ‘Accept’ the horse

– The horse will now be in your “Inventory” under the “My Stuff” tab

– If you’d like you can buy more horses! But they cost horseshoes…

If, like me, you haven’t gotten the email – Or if you have gotten the email and the link provided didn’t work (I’ve heard cases of that happening) there is a solution!

The AOL Games Blog has cracked the case of getting the Horse. You can access the article here.

I’ve also added the link to the Blogroll to the Left.

Happy Horsing!

FrontierVille: How to Get Your Thorns to Grow

One perk of having a WordPress Blog is that I get to see what search terms web surfers use to access my site. This one comes up more than any other. While I briefly cover the topic of thorns in the FAQ, I’d thought I’d devote an entire post to the process. After all, I know how it feels to be frantically trying to find thorns after you’re cleared them and the all encompassing feeling of dread which accompanies that state.

One song, I have but one song…

If you’ve just started playing FrontierVille and this is the first you’re heard of Thorns take note:


I repeat,


Thorns are a necessary step in the Family-chain of quests. Specifically, once you have a child, your child must then clear 5 thorns and a cactus.

If you’re like most people, you’ve already cleared all your thorns when you were chopping down your forest. (Please Note, you don’t have to chop down your forest – but even if you do, you’ll have a quest to regrow it later anyway…) So at this point you’re probably freaking out: “How do I get more thorns to grow?!?”

It’s easy. Just follow the map:

Map of Undomesticated Flora

Consider an invisible line running from the West corner of the map to the East. Above this line, thorns are more likely to grow. Below it, skulls, rocks, and wildflowers. Cacti are kind of a wildcard, but I predominantly find them in the Southern hemisphere of the map, though they can grow far North as well.

If you want a thorn to grow, you have to have a space for it to grow into. So make sure there are enough clear spaces, otherwise it won’t grow. Thorns specifically tend to spawn near or around Trees, or where Trees first were when you started the game.

And, if you’re impatient, you can always buy thorns from the Market for 8 horseshoes a pop. But if I were you I’d save the money and just wait it out.

Remember, just because one thing tends to grow in a certain area doesn’t mean it won’t show up in another. Thorns grow predominantly in the Northern most corner of the game map, but they can pop up along the center or the south. The reverse is true of Wildflowers. This map is just to increase the percentage chance of a thorn growing.

Good Luck!


Today is kind of a lazy day, so I thought I’d share with you some fully grown sunflowers that I found in my neighbor’s yard.

They’re very pretty!

I like the graphics for their collections items, but out of all the collections I think the cotton collection has the best items. Not for rewards, but for the actual items themselves. It’d be nice if they released a spinning wheel so we could make our own dresses!

A Letter From Miss Fanny Wildcat

Today, I got a letter in the mail.

That rarely happens, so I was taken by surprise.

Looks like we’ll be able to send our kids to school soon enough!

FrontierVille Quests Walkthrough!

If you’re stuck on a quest, check out this new walkthrough by XRaptor!

It includes items needed, descriptions, rewards, everything!

I’ll add it to the link list on the left of the blog as well.


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