FrontierVille Update 6/17 !

Technically I should have posted this two days ago but I didn’t even get around to making this blog until this morning.

FrontierVille got its first real update this week. Included were some new items and some not so great tweaks to game play.

In the market players should notice two new signs in the decor section: “Tend Here” and “Hands Off”

I think these are great. They cost 3 horse shoes a piece and I bought both. I’m on the peanut quest and my neighbors seem oddly attracted to feeding my chickens, which are hungry every half an hour, instead of watering my peanuts which take up over 75% of my frontier…

We also got a new building, the chicken coop!

I haven’t built it yet because I didn’t get the quest for it, so I’m saving my resources for now. One of my neighbors already has one up and running:

The Rooster on top is animated and flaps his wings from time to time. As of this writing you aren’t able to actually place your chickens inside of it but when you collect the building bonus it automatically harvests all of your chickens! Neat.

Of course, the building also comes complete with its own collection. I’ll add more info on that when I receive the quest to actually build it.

The update also brought with it changes to the way we purchase meals from the market. The prices for all meals was doubled, and the energy received from meals was cut in half or lower:

  • Light Snack – 20 food / 1 energy
  • Breakfast – 95 food / 5 energy
  • Lunch –  200 food / 11 energy
  • Dinner – 400 food / 23 energy
  • 7-Course Feast –  1000 food / 62 energy
  • Beef Jerky – max energy +1

If I had known this was coming, I would have bought Beef Jerky when it was still +3 max energy.

Also, we no longer receive a permanent +1 to our energy bars when we level up. Only one horseshoe & and an energy refill. It will be interesting to see how Zynga responds to their understandingly upset fans.


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