Meet the Pioneers

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce my FrontierVille family.

Bessie the Cow likes eating and being milked at the same time.

From left to right we have:

  • Buffalo Betty
  • Lil’ Itchy
  • & Betty’s Spouse, Dreamboat Susie (He won the name in a Poker Game).

Betty is constantly changing her look. She can’t decide on what outfit she likes the best, but this old green dress she found at the bottom of her hope chest seems to suit pioneer life just fine. Hopefully there will be more dresses to choose from soon. They’re all kind of matronly.

Lil’  Itchy wants to be a cowboy when she grows up.  Dreamboat Susie was a Buffalo Soldier before settling down. When Betty married him she got the nickname ‘Buffalo Betty.’ He’s been called Dreamboat Susie for ages, though sources say his Christian name is Mervin.

Hopefully more people will be able to join them on the Frontier soon, I know Betty could use another set of hands when it comes to harvesting crops and tending the livestock. She and Dreamboat Susie are also planning on having more children once Itchy starts school.


1 Response to “Meet the Pioneers”

  1. 1 Mallory June 29, 2010 at 5:05 AM

    i love frontierville! i used to be a farmville addict and i (sadly) gave it up for this, and lemmy tell ya, it was worth it!!! i love everything about it and i even got a couple of my friends to join me! One night i was searching for tips and stuff on the web and i found your website! i started looking around and i saw the link for frontierville families. i love your family! the names are so… unique 🙂 i love it! once my couple have kids i was gonna find a way to upload it on to this website if its ok. im on level 12 right now but im close to 13. i was wondering what level you are on?? oh and your tips are very helpful! thanks!

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