Riding the Feed Wave

If you’ve ever played FrontierVille for more than 20 minutes you’ll know that you’re often bombarded with the option to share news with your friends. Sharing news items with your friends is one of the necessary evils found within each and every Facebook game. Game developers and analysts believe (or should that read: still believe) that this sort of viral advertising attracts many users to their games. I must say that I have never played a game because one of my friends publishing something interesting to the news feed. Not once. Ever. I only join in on a Facebook game if it has good reviews, one of my real life friends plays it and tells me how great it is, or its really popular and I want to see what all the fuss is about. In the case of FrontierVille, I started playing because of all the good press it received at launch and I loved the Oregon Trail game. Unfortunately we still don’t have an Oregon Trail in FrontierVille.

But I digress…

FrontierVille takes full advantage of the Facebook News Feed. So much so, in fact, that some of the game’s best bonuses can be found not in the game – but in the news feed!

Names & faces were blocked out to protect the innocent.

Look at those bonuses! 100 coins! 25 Food! If someone clobbers a snake or scares a bear, you get 50 experience! 50 Experience! That’s like harvesting 5 fully grown ripe wheat – which saves you 24 hours of downtime. If someone completes a collection you get 100 coins – and players tend to complete collections in groups which translates into an easy 500-1000 coins for a few minutes’ worth of work.

The easiest way to ride the Feed Wave is use your browser’s tab option. Once you’ve reached a good chunk of news items, right click the link to claim the bonus and select “open in new tab.” Do this for how many items you’d like to claim. Give it a minute to load, then confirm you want to claim the reward.

If you’re claiming several rewards and have many tabs open, you’ll need to close the tab after clicking ‘Yes’ but before the game loads in order to successfully move on to the next one. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Make sure you pay attention to the fine print at the bottom of the screen: you only have 30 feed rewards per day! That might not seem like a lot, especially since most games don’t have a restriction on feeds, but keep in mind that the FrontierVille feed bonuses are more substantial than the feed bonuses for other games. For example, with 30 claims you’d be able to claim 3,000 free coins or 750 food. That’s quite a bit.

If you don’t think you’re seeing as many FrontierVille news items as you should, make sure you always have “Most Recent” clicked at the top of the feed bar. The default setting is “Top News,” which hides most bonuses and only shows ones that have probably expired. Also, go to the bottom of the feed. All the way down until you can’t go down no more. Click “edit options,” a screen will pop up that looks like this one:

In the “Show More” box type “FrontierVille,” and Facebook will automatically add more bonuses to the feed!

Now you’re all set to claim away! But don’t get greedy. It might be nice to claim bonuses all day, but what about your friends and neighbors? Where are their bonuses? If you want to take you have to be willing to give as well. You don’t have to share every bonuses you come across (because there are quite a bit) but you should at least share one for everyone you claim. If that feels like too much, at least do 5 or 10 a day, depending on your needs,  but remember: no one likes a greedy neighbor!

Before you protest with: “but I don’t want all my friends to know I play this game!” – there’s a way around that, too!

A friend’s list!

I’m not going to tell you how to make a list in this post. If you’d like to know how to make a friend’s list for your gaming friends, click the ‘Add Neighbors’ link either at the top of this blog or on the side under the ‘Pages’ heading. Or just click this link.

Now that you have a friends list with all your FrontierVille neighbors on it, you can edit the news you share in-game to only appear to those friends.

Let’s say you just completed a collection and want all your friends to know.  After you receive this annoying handy-dandy pop-up click ‘Share Coins’ and a new window will pop up.

Next to the “Publish” button is a little padlock icon. Click it, then select customize. This gives you the option to only show the news item to the friends on your gaming friends list.

Hide your shame.

In the drop down box under “Make this visible to” select “Specific people” and then type the name of your gaming list into the box. Click Save Settings, and then click publish. NOTE: Even though you click Save Settings, you will still have to follow these steps every single time you share news.

Conversely, you could also make a friends list consisting of your Facebook friends that you want to hide your gaming feeds from. After you’ve done that, just follow these steps, but instead of showing the news to group of people, you can just type in the name of your list in the box under the “Hide this from” heading. It’s less work, but I don’t do it because I already have a gaming friends list and am too lazy to make another list. Even though it would probably only take me, like, 5 minutes.

Have fun and claim those feeds before your fellow pioneers claim them all!


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