How to Unlock the Horse in FrontierVille

Oh Frontier Jack, you tease me ever so…

If you’re like me, you’re going crazy because you want a horse and can’t find one. Yes, there is one in the market, but you have to give Zynga your email address to unlock it.

I will! I’ll do anything for a Horse!

At first I was a bit apprehensive about giving Zynga my email address, but then I realized I’m probably going to buy horseshoes at some point in the future (I am blogging about this game, after all) – and having my email address is much more benign than having my credit card information.

I’ve tried unlocking the horse several times. Several times a day. I still haven’t gotten an email from Zynga confirming my subscription and unlocking the horse.

For those of you who are lucky enough to get the subscription email, take note:

– After getting the email you must click another link which is in the email

– This link will take you to a Facebook Page much like the Gift Page where you must then ‘Accept’ the horse

– The horse will now be in your “Inventory” under the “My Stuff” tab

– If you’d like you can buy more horses! But they cost horseshoes…

If, like me, you haven’t gotten the email – Or if you have gotten the email and the link provided didn’t work (I’ve heard cases of that happening) there is a solution!

The AOL Games Blog has cracked the case of getting the Horse. You can access the article here.

I’ve also added the link to the Blogroll to the Left.

Happy Horsing!


2 Responses to “How to Unlock the Horse in FrontierVille”

  1. 1 Lauren May 23, 2011 at 12:54 AM

    This will not work as frontierville has removed horses from the market it is posted on zynga website. I am very mad about this because I can not complete the soldier mission because of this. Email Zynga


  2. 2 ruth August 21, 2011 at 1:32 AM

    I can not get back on my horse the game locks up and won’t let me back on him to ride please help

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