Cotton is King in FrontierVille

We’ll plant more cotton.

Cotton is King!

Not only is cotton a historical cash crop, it also is a bonafide money-maker in FrontierVille. Cotton is the only crop that doubles your money in the least amount of time. It costs 600 coins and takes 3 days to ripen, but after 3 days are up, you’ve got 1200 coins. If you have friendly neighbors, you’ll be sitting on a big ole pile of gold in no time!

Cotton ought to go sky-high next year.

Of course, fully taking advantage of cotton will depend on your style of play. If you play FrontierVille many hours in one sitting you may be more suited to a different crop, like eggplants or potatoes. In my opinion, eggplants are superior to pumpkins as they give more food – which is needed to buy more energy.

Peanuts take too much time to be really viable and clover is an energy sink. If you want to get really technical, clover gives the most money over all – but since it takes 1 energy point every 5 minutes it’s really not worth it. I don’t recommend any FrontierVille player to rely on clover as a source of income – no matter if you’re a low-level newbie or a wealthy veteran.

So what is one to do?

Plant a plot of cotton, not too big but not too small, and then forget about it. As it ripens, plant a new cotton plant in the same place you just harvested.

Over time you will amass quite a fortune!


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