FrontierVille Update: July 9th

Money Money Money

FrontierVille received an update earlier this Afternoon. I frankly wasn’t expecting one, I figured that the extension of the Independence Day Celebration on Tuesday would double as our update for the week. So you can imagine my surprise when I received the message “A Great Game Just Got Better!”

Hopefully someday it will say “A Great Game Just Got Butter!” and we’ll all log back in and find out that we can make butter from cream, which will be a collection item from a Jersey Cow!

…And speaking of the Independence Day Celebration, that elusive powder horn is now on sale in the Market, just like the Liberty Bell. And just like the Liberty Bell, it is ridiculously expensive. 96 horseshoes for one Powder horn, or roughly 10-12$ (USD). If you’re dead set on getting the Liberty Bell at any cost – then I urge you to buy the Powder Horn for 96 horseshoes as opposed to directly buying the Bell for 200. But I must say that I personally am finding this collection rather tired, will not spend any horseshoes on it, and foresee a Liberty Bell backlash occurring in the future.

Of course, in the meantime, I’m still going to hunt for it.

Aside from that we got some fancy new decorations! Here’s Buffalo Betty with the new Bird house, an item we were constantly teased with on the loading screens:

When I sing, birds land on my shoulders…

There’s also an anvil, a bench, and a Tree house! The tree house costs 20 Horseshoes and is just for decoration, but it’s awful cute. It’s also Limited Edition. I may buy one in the future, but for now I’m holding out.

The best part of today’s update has to be the new quests!

One Hammer to Rule Them All

You start out having to find tools for Frontier Jack. Turns out he lost all his supplies because he’s an alcoholic so friendly and misplaced them on your neighbors’ homesteads. You will also need to feed random livestock and tend random plants along the way. You’re also going to need to clear thorns, cactus, and skulls.

Before you panic, just visit a low level neighbor with an overgrown homestead. You know the kind, the friend you invited who played for one day and then quit. Their homesteads are covered in thorns. They usually have one or two in the center left corner of the game map, sometimes hidden by grass and/or a tree. If you’re able to find a neighbor with at least one thorn remember that you can always re-visit after every action and the thorn will still be there. So you’ll be able to get all your requirements done in one day if you’re lucky!

For more detailed instructions on these and other quests be sure to visit XRaptor’s Quest Guide. As always, the link will be permanently in our Blogroll to the left side of the site if you need it in the future.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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