Quick Hit: Playfish Steps Up Its Game

I just finished up planting some sunflowers for the night and I saw this advertisement for Playfish’s My Empire:

Step Up If You Wanna Get Hurt

Whoever wrote the ad has obviously never played FrontierVille because FrontierVille may be many things but easy it is not.

Playfish is a rival Social Gaming company, which was bought out by Electronic Arts last November. My Empire is its latest game, a city-building sim set in Ancient Rome. It starts out fun until you realize that you cannot do anything after a couple of minutes of play – its money system is similar to Treasure Island’s energy system…

…and speaking of Treasure Island, Playfish just released its Treasure Island clone called Pirates Ahoy. I tried it out for a couple minutes but after investing so much time into FrontierVille I really don’t have the resources or patience to play another energy-based game.

Zynga had it coming though, for both PetVille and CafeWorld are clones of what were Playfish’s two biggest titles: Pet Society & Restaurant City. CafeWorld even has eerily similar graphics to Restaurant City. It probably won’t be long before either Playdom or Playfish releases a FrontierVille clone. That’s the way it goes in the wild west world of Social Games!


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