FrontierVille Update 7/14: Ding Dong the Bell is Gone!

Which old bell? The Liberty Bell!

Well Folks, the Independence Day Celebration is FINALLY over. For good. I hope. Fingers Crossed.

The developers have finally ended the event for the, what, 4th time now? With the latest update you can no longer buy the collectibles in the market, or any other 4th of July items – and it’s about time too. 4th of July lasts for one day – ok technically 3 because its a long weekend – but it’s not like Christmas which lasts for a whole month. This event just felt like it was dragging, mostly because of the Powder horn’s low drop rate.

Speaking of the Powder horn, I’m both grateful and ashamed to admit that I got one! Grateful because I searched for so long, and ashamed because I know how many of my friends, neighbors, and faithful readers went without. If it makes you feel any better I searched long and hard, chopped over 1,000 times, and still didn’t find one in the trees. In the end a kind neighbor sent me one. Thanks again, neighbor!

But on to better, and brighter news. Technicolor Bright! Flowers!

What flowers were you sniffing, Mr. Fox?

Those flowers we’ve been teased about on the Splash screens when you load up the game are finally in-game, and then some! We’ve got flower beds, flower pots, wild flowers, –  flowers flowers flowers! And they’re pretty to boot!

I bought a whole bunch of flowers to decorate my homestead, but it’s so cluttered with Oxen and Mules that I don’t know where to put them for the moment. I have to do a major re-haul of my frontier ASAP.

Anyone have good decorating tips?

Along with the new decorations we got one new quest, and it involves buying Geese. It’s pretty easy and only takes a few moments to do. I don’t know where it falls in the Quest Tree as of yet, so don’t be surprised if it takes a while to show up for you.

Flowers and quests are all we got this week. I was kinda bummed, I was really thinking we were gonna get a new expansion area. I assumed they were testing one earlier this week and that caused all the lag we were feeling.


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