FrontierVille Ribbon Crisis 2010

Once again, the number is blurred out because its embarrassingly high

On July 14th, 2010 the Ribbons were taken out of the Free Gift option.

This may not seem like end of the world, because, well, it isn’t – word is that this was a mistake and that Ribbons will be a free gift once again, most likely sometime today.

But this ribbon shortage, which I have dubbed RIBBON CRISIS 2010!!!, has brought up some thoughts on the subject. Ribbons are one of those annoyingly subtle game mechanics that you never notice until you need them. I know I always took my gifted ribbons for granted, wishing for a building/school supply instead.

You need ribbons for the marriage quests, to make fancy clothes, and to learn lessons at the school house.

Aisde from the free gift option, you can get ribbons one of three ways: Buy them for 4 horseshoes a piece, collect them off the news feed, or turn in a collection. Of the three, collections are the best – and fastest – way to acquire the elusive ribbons.

There are three collections that give ribbons as a reward:

  • Flax Collection: Four Ribbons, Two Cloth
  • Cotton Collection: Five Cloth, One Ribbon
  • Sheep Collection: Three Cloth, Two Ribbons

You’ll notice I’ve already covered Cotton in This Post. As for Flax & Sheep, you’re in luck!

Some people call Flax seed oil “Linseed oil”

Flax is one of those versatile crops that can serve you very well indeed. It has a growth time of 8 hours, which at first glance may seem like a lot, but actually makes Flax the perfect bed time crop. Plant it before you go to bed, and it’s ready for harvest in the morning. Fabulous!

Also, it’s 8 hour stint fits nicely with most real-life work schedules. Plant it before you go to work, and harvest when you get home. If you time it correctly, you can get 2 harvests of Flax per day.

If, however, you don’t have 8 hours of downtime then Sheep might be a better bet.

The Fabled “V-Shape” Sheep Migration Pattern

Sheep are relatively cheap and ready for harvest in 2 hours. In the time it takes Flax to grow you’ve already harvested your sheep 4 times!

If you don’t feel like growing Flax, Cotton, or Sheep you may have some neighbors that do. In that case, you can take advantage of their investment by tending their Flax, Cotton, or Sheep each visit. I often find myself getting collectible items on my neighbors homestead. It’s a great way to speed up the process.

As previously mentioned, the Ribbons should be returned to the Free Gift tab sometime today. If, however, you’d rather your neighbors send you tools, these strategies are a good way to get some ribbons yourself.

Of course, before I realized that RIBBON CRISIS 2010!!! was an unintentional glitch I panicked and bought tons of sheep and planted loads of Flax. Oh well, guess you can never have too many ribbons after all!


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