The FrontierVille Chicken Coop Strategy

Three Can Be as Bad as One

The Chicken Coop is a weird building.

You can’t put your chickens inside the building, and the daily bonus harvests all your hungry chickens. Weirder than the building itself are the collection items. They’re super difficult to get. The only way to get them is by “whacking” the coop as you build it – and you can only get the first four items of any collection by whacking. So the last, and final item, is nearly impossible to get.

So why bother with such a weird, frustrating building? The bonus-strategy!

Third Time’s a Charm

Every building in FrontierVille lets you collect one “Daily Bonus” per 24 hour period. For the Chicken Coop & the Sawmill, the bonus is more practical: the former harvests all hungry chickens while the latter harvests trees without chopping them.

One adult chicken gives you 1 experience point & 12 coins per harvest. But I’ve noticed that after completing the Animal Husbandry lesson from the Schoolhouse, my chickens give 3 exp & 18 coins per harvest, per chicken.

At that rate, if you have 24 chickens, that equals 72 experience & 432 coins. I picked 24 because that’s 2 dozen (as in 2 dozen eggs from the Hen House).

It’s Always a Sunny Day with Four Coops of Raisins!

To really take advantage of the Chicken Coop and use it as a leveling/money-making tool you’re going to need at least 3 coops and anywhere from 50-150 chickens. From what I’ve seen among my neighbors, three chicken coops seems to be the magic number. The number of chickens you decide on depends on the specifics of your computer. Faster, newer computers will be able to handle a multi-harvest of many chickens. Older computers may freeze up if the number is too large. One of my neighbors has 250+ chickens – I know if I had that many chickens on my farm my laptop would spontaneously combust.

So let’s say you decide on 3 coops & 100 chickens and have the School House lessons learned.

That would equal 900 experience &  540 coins (or 300 experience & 180 coins three times per day). Factor in that you can receive free chickens from your neighbors either through the Free Gifts tab or as a bonus reward in the News Feed when they clobber a Fox. Not too shabby!

I’m personally not too fond of the FrontierVille chickens. Graphics-wise I find them uninteresting, I prefer my oxen. But 900 experience, energy free, is quite a deal and worth considering as a style of game play.

Ultimately you have to decide what works best for you and your style of play. If you decide to go with the Chicken Coop strategy, let us know how it goes!

And when I say “us” I mean “me.” The jig is up, there’s only one person behind this blog.


8 Responses to “The FrontierVille Chicken Coop Strategy”

  1. 1 S July 16, 2010 at 11:58 PM

    You are awesome for taking the time to crunch the numbers for this ❤

  2. 3 Mr. O July 20, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    chicken coop disconnects me always both on my laptop and my stationary gaming computer… any hints on to how to avoid that? less chickens?

    • 4 pioneerparty July 20, 2010 at 10:51 AM

      Yup, that means you’ve got too many.
      A good indication that you may have too many is that the game would be really laggy when you start it up. You could also try playing in Google Chrome – I’ve heard that helps.

  3. 5 Donna Tremaine September 2, 2010 at 3:05 AM

    No Google Chrome does not work well keeps crashing because of Shockwave flash..

  4. 6 Darren October 23, 2010 at 10:56 PM

    Doesn’t work i did that school mission and you still only get 1 exp

  5. 7 Jay February 6, 2011 at 2:31 AM

    I currently have 300 chickens and 10 chicken coops, takes about 1/3 of my total land plot. A medium chicken, just before adult, seems to give 2 xp and 3 coins, while my large chickens, adult, give 1 xp and 12 coins. When I harvest a coop, once coop is clicked, I bring it to center of screen, and don’t touch anything until it’s done. I’ve clicked bonus items before, but the lag is horrendous and the it’s just too much of a pain. When I had from 100-200 it wasn’t so bad and was able to get the badge completed for bonus clicks from all the items clumped together.

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