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FrontierVille Picnic Baskets

A new feature in FrontierVille is the ability to ask your neighbors to send you a Picnic Basket. This feature replaces the old ability to ask all of your neighbors to send you a Light Snack for a 10 coin reward. On the positive side, the new picnic baskets gives both parties a light snack. On the negative side, you have to send a request to your neighbor for the picnic basket, who must then approve or deny said request. This is much more time consuming than clicking a link on the news feed.

Then there’s the actual message accompanying the request:

Nothing like some good old fashioned emotional manipulation!

Wow. Please don’t let my family starve. That’s hardcore. If you don’t approve your neighbor’s request, you’re basically killing their small children. So go ahead and ignore it,  you murderer.

Picnic Time!


FrontierVille Food Strategy

(…continued from Monday’s post concerning my Money Strategy)

So now that we’ve got our cotton planted, how are we going to harvest it? 110 plots takes 110 energy. Here is where you need a viable FrontierVille Food Strategy.

Once again, my strategies may not work for you. Finding your optimal food strategy depends on how much downtime you can have while playing. I have a lot of free time in real life, so I can check back on my crops several times a day. If you can’t, you’ll need to tweak my ideas to fit your needs. With that in mind, here is my strategy in a nutshell:

  • Eggplants, Eggplants, Eggplants
  • Sunflowers
  • Gopher Bonus

Eggplants v. Peaches, the Eternal Struggle

The first tier of any good Food Strategy is Food Production.

Eggplants & Peach Trees are the two best food producers in FrontierVille, at this time. Personally, I prefer Eggplants, but both have their pros & cons.

Eggplants give you more food & experience per hour, but cost more energy. Over a six hour period, I can harvest 3 eggplants per plot giving 9 food & 12 experience.

Peaches give less food & experience per hour, but cost less energy. Over a six hour period, I can harvest a peach tree 2 times per plot, giving 8 food & 2 experience.

If we break that down further, you gain 1.5 food per energy point from Eggplants and 1.3 food per energy point from Peaches. But that isn’t the end of the story. Peaches also give an energy reward of 7 when you turn in their collection set whereas Eggplants only give Firecrackers. Eggplants are also much more expensive than Peaches, costing 441 coins each and only giving a profit of 53 coins. You’d have to plant 9 eggplants before you actually start making real money, whereas Peach trees are a one-time purchase.

So in conclusion:

  • If you have time, money, and a high energy bar go with Eggplants.
  • If you’re low on money and energy, or don’t have time, go with Peach trees.

Of course, you could always do a hybrid of the two!

The second tier of a good Food Strategy involves supplementing & complimenting your food production. Food production crops have a short harvest time, and turn over is high. This requires many energy points to keep production up. If you devote your entire homestead to growing Peaches and/or Eggplants, eventually you’ll be in the red, food-wise. Even though Peaches & Eggplants give the most food of all crops, they still don’t compensate for the energy used to harvest them.

Therefore it is necessary to compliment your Food production with a slow-growing crop with high rewards. Personally, I prefer Sunflowers, but you could also go with Corn, Flax, or Wheat. Sunflowers & Corn are pretty similar when it comes to food & experience. Wheat gives the most food (4) but takes the most time (24 hours).  Sunflowers trump these crops only because of their collection reward.

The Sunflower Collection reward is +8 Energy.

Now, you won’t be able to give up buying meals altogether and solely rely on your Sunflower rewards, but those energy points will come in handy in the future.

Other collections that give an energy reward:

  • Peach Collection, +7 Energy
  • Groundhog Collection, +4 Energy
  • Chicken Collection, +4 Energy
  • Cherry Collection, +3 Energy

Play around with these until you find what works for you. You should always plant a long-growing crop at night or in the evening before you quit playing for the day – then harvest it in the morning. I plant & harvest eggplants during the day, planting Sunflowers for tomorrow’s harvest in the afternoon.

You could also plant Corn & Flax at both morning and night, but leave room for Eggplants!

The third tier to a good Food Strategy is claiming the bonuses from the News Feed. There are a couple different bonuses that give food rewards but the most common is the Groundhog. During the day I concentrate on claiming as many Food Bonuses as I can. As 8:00 PM EST rolls around, when the bonus limit resets, I collect anything I can to make sure I’ve claimed my full 30 bonuses for the day.

Always remember that FrontierVille is a game. I’m only sharing my strategy because I thought it might help some players receive more enjoyment. If you turn your entire Homestead into an efficient energy & food producing machine, playing the game will seem more like Work and less like Leisure. Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

FrontierVille Update 6/24!

Another week, another update.

I’m still trying to complete the chicken quest from last week’s update.

Yesterday saw some new items being added to the game. If you go to the market you’ll find:

New Crops:


-Apricot Tree

New Livestock:


New Cash Items:


-Thorns & Cacti (these still will spawn for free, but if you’re impatient you can buy them for cash)

-Collectibles Mystery Chest (gives you 6 random “collections” items that can turn in for a collections reward)

New Varmint:

-Fox, spawns from feeding chickens, sheep, or geese. Can and will eat your baby chicks.

-Feed reward is one baby chick.

But the most annoying and far reaching aspect of this new update is the changes to the collections rewards. Previously, if you had turned in either the Ox, Peanut, or Family collection you would receive a permanent increase to your energy bar. This was a rather good reward, as energy is one of the most important aspects of the game, since its needed to do just about anything and everything. These were the only ways to gain energy. That has now been changed.

The Ox reward is now a free cow and some food, Peanut reward is an Unwither Crop Boost, and Family collection gives you +5 to your reputation bar.

Of these three, Unwither Crop Boost is the most valuable. It had previously been available from the Wheat Collection, which was also changed, and now the wheat collection gives you some junky decorations.

On the bright side, the developers did add a +1 energy increase when you level up, but it’s only available every other level.

I’m very disappointed with this new update. The geese and the apricot tree are cute, but I don’t understand why the developers chose to take away our energy increases. Since day 1 they’ve slowly but surely been hacking away at our ability to increase our energy bars. I have a decent amount of energy already – not great, but enough to get by – but my heart goes out to those new players who want to try to get ahead in this game, the going will be rough indeed.

FrontierVille Update 6/17 !

Technically I should have posted this two days ago but I didn’t even get around to making this blog until this morning.

FrontierVille got its first real update this week. Included were some new items and some not so great tweaks to game play.

In the market players should notice two new signs in the decor section: “Tend Here” and “Hands Off”

I think these are great. They cost 3 horse shoes a piece and I bought both. I’m on the peanut quest and my neighbors seem oddly attracted to feeding my chickens, which are hungry every half an hour, instead of watering my peanuts which take up over 75% of my frontier…

We also got a new building, the chicken coop!

I haven’t built it yet because I didn’t get the quest for it, so I’m saving my resources for now. One of my neighbors already has one up and running:

The Rooster on top is animated and flaps his wings from time to time. As of this writing you aren’t able to actually place your chickens inside of it but when you collect the building bonus it automatically harvests all of your chickens! Neat.

Of course, the building also comes complete with its own collection. I’ll add more info on that when I receive the quest to actually build it.

The update also brought with it changes to the way we purchase meals from the market. The prices for all meals was doubled, and the energy received from meals was cut in half or lower:

  • Light Snack – 20 food / 1 energy
  • Breakfast – 95 food / 5 energy
  • Lunch –  200 food / 11 energy
  • Dinner – 400 food / 23 energy
  • 7-Course Feast –  1000 food / 62 energy
  • Beef Jerky – max energy +1

If I had known this was coming, I would have bought Beef Jerky when it was still +3 max energy.

Also, we no longer receive a permanent +1 to our energy bars when we level up. Only one horseshoe & and an energy refill. It will be interesting to see how Zynga responds to their understandingly upset fans.


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