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Reminder: FrontierVille Screenshot Contest Ends TODAY!

Hi Everyone!

For those of you who want to enter the Official Frontierville Screenshot Contest sponsored by Zynga but haven’t yet – this is just a quick reminder that the  contest ends TODAY, August 3rd, at 8:00 AM PST/11:00 AM EST….which is in about three hours.

Here’s the link to the contest site.

Good luck guys!


Buying Horseshoes with Facebook Credits

Facebook is currently giving away 25 free Facebook Credits to all users who play games. If you primarily play FrontierVille, you can use those credits to buy Horseshoes, the in-game premium currency!

I’ve had a few readers ask me how to buy Horseshoes with Facebook Credits. Instead of replying to you all individually, I’ve written a short tutorial on the subject.

Here’s how:

1. Click the “Get Horseshoes” tab on the top right of the game screen.

2. Select the amount of Horseshoes you wish you purchase. Hint: 10 Facebook Credits = 1.00 USD So if you only have 25 credits, the most you can buy is 15 Horseshoes for 2.00 USD.

3. Under Payment Options select “Facebook Credits”

4. Click Continue, and you will receive a pop-up confirming your purchase.

Et voilà! You’ve got some free Horseshoes.

Today’s Wednesday, which means we’re probably getting an update today! Zynga doesn’t do “official” update days, but for the past two weeks it’s been on a Wednesday. So fingers crossed!

Official FrontierVille Screenshot Contest

Are you enjoying the new Water items? Do you have an eye for detail? Want to win 500 Horseshoes?

Taken from the Official Forum:

Howdy Pardners!

The FrontierVille team wants to see how creative you have been while decorating with the Water Features recently released. Post a screenshot of your homestead focusing on the water features and you can win 500 Horseshoes.

The winning entry will also be featured on FrontierVilles fan page!

You can read all about the contest, including the rules, here.

The deadline for the contest is August 3rd, and no photo-shopping is allowed.

Sounds fun! Unfortunately I’m not the best decorator and most of my frontier is crowded by crops. I’ll have to put my thinking cap on. Good luck everyone!

If you’re confused how to take a screenshot, here’s a quick step by step tutorial:

  1. Open up FrontierVille – You should know how to do this
  2. Open up Microsoft Paint – (Start > Program > Accessories > Paint or just type “Paint” in the Run search box)
  3. Decorate your Homestead to your Heart’s Content.
  4. Once you have your Homestead set up just right, you’re going to want to click the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard. Sometimes this looks like “prt sc” and is usually on the upper right hand side of your keyboard. On my keyboard, “prt sc” shares a key with the “insert” key and I have to push the “fn” key and “prt sc” at the same time.
  5. Switch Windows back to Paint. Either click “crtl” + “v” or the “Paste” button.
  6. After clicking Paste, your screenshot will be in the Paint window. It will be of your entire computer screen, including the top of the Facebook window. You can crop this down to size using the select tool.
  7. After you’ve cropped your image down to size it’s time to save it! Make sure you save it as a .jpeg file instead of a .bmp file. Bitmaps take up lots of space.

And you’re all set!

Happy Screen-shooting!

Growing FrontierVille Wildflowers, Cacti, Skulls, & Rocks

A recent trend I’ve spied among my FrontierVille Neighbors is to keep the borderline around your frontier, specifically in the bottom corner, empty. At first I didn’t get it, but over time the intention has become clear. These pioneers are farming debris.

Not just any debris: Wildflowers, Cacti, Skulls, & Rocks to be exact. Remember that Thorn map from an earlier post? This follows the same concept. Certain wild flora are more likely to spawn in certain areas (thorns to the north, everything else south).

We Don’t Beat Around the Bush at Pioneer Pary

The above photo comes from my neighbor FrontierGirl’s homestead. Notice all the cacti and skulls? Nice.

Since we’ve been seeing more and more quests that require the player to clear these debris/wild flora, it’s a smart investment to try and grow some to have on hand.

Don’t worry if visiting neighbors try to clear it, you can always dismiss their actions.

I had plants growing all along my borders, but I decided to try my hand at making a Cactus Skull Farm. I cleared a one-space border on both sides of my bottom border and waited. And waited. Nothing grew. Then I realized I didn’t clear enough space. Hand on forehead – rookie mistake. So instead of having a one-space clearing on both sides, I made a two-space clearing on the bottom right side and filled up the border on the bottom left with crops. Within two days I had three cacti!

The Proof is in the Cactus Pudding

I was surprised at how quickly they grew! Of course, they brought along grass and saplings. For now I’m only clearing the grass and stocking up on everything else. You never know when you’ll need it!

Authors Note:

Saplings and 2 chop trees should be movable objects. Currently they are not. This is a bug and the FrontierVille Team is “working on it.”

FrontierVille Food Strategy

(…continued from Monday’s post concerning my Money Strategy)

So now that we’ve got our cotton planted, how are we going to harvest it? 110 plots takes 110 energy. Here is where you need a viable FrontierVille Food Strategy.

Once again, my strategies may not work for you. Finding your optimal food strategy depends on how much downtime you can have while playing. I have a lot of free time in real life, so I can check back on my crops several times a day. If you can’t, you’ll need to tweak my ideas to fit your needs. With that in mind, here is my strategy in a nutshell:

  • Eggplants, Eggplants, Eggplants
  • Sunflowers
  • Gopher Bonus

Eggplants v. Peaches, the Eternal Struggle

The first tier of any good Food Strategy is Food Production.

Eggplants & Peach Trees are the two best food producers in FrontierVille, at this time. Personally, I prefer Eggplants, but both have their pros & cons.

Eggplants give you more food & experience per hour, but cost more energy. Over a six hour period, I can harvest 3 eggplants per plot giving 9 food & 12 experience.

Peaches give less food & experience per hour, but cost less energy. Over a six hour period, I can harvest a peach tree 2 times per plot, giving 8 food & 2 experience.

If we break that down further, you gain 1.5 food per energy point from Eggplants and 1.3 food per energy point from Peaches. But that isn’t the end of the story. Peaches also give an energy reward of 7 when you turn in their collection set whereas Eggplants only give Firecrackers. Eggplants are also much more expensive than Peaches, costing 441 coins each and only giving a profit of 53 coins. You’d have to plant 9 eggplants before you actually start making real money, whereas Peach trees are a one-time purchase.

So in conclusion:

  • If you have time, money, and a high energy bar go with Eggplants.
  • If you’re low on money and energy, or don’t have time, go with Peach trees.

Of course, you could always do a hybrid of the two!

The second tier of a good Food Strategy involves supplementing & complimenting your food production. Food production crops have a short harvest time, and turn over is high. This requires many energy points to keep production up. If you devote your entire homestead to growing Peaches and/or Eggplants, eventually you’ll be in the red, food-wise. Even though Peaches & Eggplants give the most food of all crops, they still don’t compensate for the energy used to harvest them.

Therefore it is necessary to compliment your Food production with a slow-growing crop with high rewards. Personally, I prefer Sunflowers, but you could also go with Corn, Flax, or Wheat. Sunflowers & Corn are pretty similar when it comes to food & experience. Wheat gives the most food (4) but takes the most time (24 hours).  Sunflowers trump these crops only because of their collection reward.

The Sunflower Collection reward is +8 Energy.

Now, you won’t be able to give up buying meals altogether and solely rely on your Sunflower rewards, but those energy points will come in handy in the future.

Other collections that give an energy reward:

  • Peach Collection, +7 Energy
  • Groundhog Collection, +4 Energy
  • Chicken Collection, +4 Energy
  • Cherry Collection, +3 Energy

Play around with these until you find what works for you. You should always plant a long-growing crop at night or in the evening before you quit playing for the day – then harvest it in the morning. I plant & harvest eggplants during the day, planting Sunflowers for tomorrow’s harvest in the afternoon.

You could also plant Corn & Flax at both morning and night, but leave room for Eggplants!

The third tier to a good Food Strategy is claiming the bonuses from the News Feed. There are a couple different bonuses that give food rewards but the most common is the Groundhog. During the day I concentrate on claiming as many Food Bonuses as I can. As 8:00 PM EST rolls around, when the bonus limit resets, I collect anything I can to make sure I’ve claimed my full 30 bonuses for the day.

Always remember that FrontierVille is a game. I’m only sharing my strategy because I thought it might help some players receive more enjoyment. If you turn your entire Homestead into an efficient energy & food producing machine, playing the game will seem more like Work and less like Leisure. Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

FrontierVille Millionaire’s Club

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

You do, that’s who!

That is the current amount of coins I have in-game (I wish I were that rich in real life!).

Having this much money doesn’t really do a whole lot for me. Sure, I’d miss it if it was gone, but money isn’t that necessary at this point in FrontierVille (although it likely will be in the future). You need it to make purchases at the Market, sure. But then what? Energy and Food are far more valuable as far as resources go. I wish there were a way one could buy food directly, I’d funnel all my money into pies. Just like real life!

For those of you who aren’t quite as well off, but would like to be, I’m going to share my money making strategy.

I cannot stress enough the importance of Cotton as a cash crop. Cotton is hands down the easiest way to make money as it doubles your investment in the least amount of time (as of this writing, anyway). I always keep a portion of my fields devoted to cotton production. As you can see from the screenshot, it’s roughly 22 x 5 plots in size, or 110 plots total. Let’s break that down, shall we?

110 plots x 600 coins initial investment = 66,000.

110 plots x 1200 coins (harvest amount) = 132,000.

So let’s say you save up and get 66,000 coins. You put that into cotton, and make 132,000. You’re going to have to re-stock your cotton field, which costs you 66,000 coins, or basically all the profit you made. When that batch of cotton is ripe, you just doubled your intial profit – and you already made your initial investment back on the first harvest. So every harvest from here on out you are making profit off your profit: it’s win-win all the way.

The hardest part is

  1. Saving up the intial 66,000 coins
  2. Waiting 3 days for the Harvest

As far as saving up goes, 66,000 coins is an arbitrary amount. A cotton field of 22 x 5 plots works best for me, but may not work best for you. Plan according to your own needs and play style.

And for the waiting period, you may want to invest in a “Tend Here” sign. They only cost 2 Horseshoes.

Tend Here plz k thx

2 Horseshoes is fairly cheap in the scheme of things, and while the sign doesn’t guarantee your neighbors will tend your cotton, it does help.

In my next post, we’ll be looking at my Food Strategy and how it may work for you.

The FrontierVille Chicken Coop Strategy

Three Can Be as Bad as One

The Chicken Coop is a weird building.

You can’t put your chickens inside the building, and the daily bonus harvests all your hungry chickens. Weirder than the building itself are the collection items. They’re super difficult to get. The only way to get them is by “whacking” the coop as you build it – and you can only get the first four items of any collection by whacking. So the last, and final item, is nearly impossible to get.

So why bother with such a weird, frustrating building? The bonus-strategy!

Third Time’s a Charm

Every building in FrontierVille lets you collect one “Daily Bonus” per 24 hour period. For the Chicken Coop & the Sawmill, the bonus is more practical: the former harvests all hungry chickens while the latter harvests trees without chopping them.

One adult chicken gives you 1 experience point & 12 coins per harvest. But I’ve noticed that after completing the Animal Husbandry lesson from the Schoolhouse, my chickens give 3 exp & 18 coins per harvest, per chicken.

At that rate, if you have 24 chickens, that equals 72 experience & 432 coins. I picked 24 because that’s 2 dozen (as in 2 dozen eggs from the Hen House).

It’s Always a Sunny Day with Four Coops of Raisins!

To really take advantage of the Chicken Coop and use it as a leveling/money-making tool you’re going to need at least 3 coops and anywhere from 50-150 chickens. From what I’ve seen among my neighbors, three chicken coops seems to be the magic number. The number of chickens you decide on depends on the specifics of your computer. Faster, newer computers will be able to handle a multi-harvest of many chickens. Older computers may freeze up if the number is too large. One of my neighbors has 250+ chickens – I know if I had that many chickens on my farm my laptop would spontaneously combust.

So let’s say you decide on 3 coops & 100 chickens and have the School House lessons learned.

That would equal 900 experience &  540 coins (or 300 experience & 180 coins three times per day). Factor in that you can receive free chickens from your neighbors either through the Free Gifts tab or as a bonus reward in the News Feed when they clobber a Fox. Not too shabby!

I’m personally not too fond of the FrontierVille chickens. Graphics-wise I find them uninteresting, I prefer my oxen. But 900 experience, energy free, is quite a deal and worth considering as a style of game play.

Ultimately you have to decide what works best for you and your style of play. If you decide to go with the Chicken Coop strategy, let us know how it goes!

And when I say “us” I mean “me.” The jig is up, there’s only one person behind this blog.


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