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Please Stand By…

Hi Readers!

I’m having trouble with my internet provider so there may not be new updates in the next few days. Please bear with me and I hope to be presenting all the latest news & tips shortly!


FrontierVille Scam Alert

This, Sir, is a Confidence Trick!

As of this writing, there are no cheats in FrontierVille. All the cheats you see advertised on Facebook, Youtube, and the general internet at large are nothing more than scams. They are designed to steal your personal information and use that information in a malicious way.

Having said that I’d just like to take this time to say that the FrontierVille Staff, or the Zynga Staff, will NEVER ask you for your password or for your personal information. NEVER give out your password to ANYONE – no matter who they claim to be. Giving out this information will NOT give you free Horseshoes or Experience.

Do NOT download any program which promises to hack into the game and give you free items and levels. This is not a legitimate program, it is a Trojan designed to steal your personal information. You may have seen advertisements for such programs on blogs, YouTube, or Facebook along with comments from people claiming that they work. These comments are actually from infected users or from the creator’s own poorly masked aliases.

If a friend sends you a suspiciously short and misspelled message followed by a link, don’t click the link. It’s probably going to lead you somewhere unsafe.

No You Didn’t

There are currently no cheats in FrontierVille. At least there are no “A,B,<,>,^,<,B” type cheats.

There are, however, several “tips and tricks” type-cheats floating around, like the Chicken Coop Bonus. Personally, I really don’t consider these little tid bits of information “cheats” – which is why I write about them.

I think there is a fine line between Cheating and Bending the Rules. I’m never going to post out-right cheats wherein the user enters a few lines of code into a third party program to receive some sort of benefit. Not gonna do it, not gonna use it, don’t wanna know about it. That type of cheating ruins social games.

What I will post about are rule-benders, strategies, and little known tips and tricks. So far I’ve shared everything I know with you, my faithful readers, and if I learn any new tricks I’ll share those too.


Ironically, after posting this article, I received 2 spam bot hits trying to woo me with the allure of cheats and free horseshoes. Remember kiddos – no cheats as of yet – only scams!

FrontierVille Picnic Baskets

A new feature in FrontierVille is the ability to ask your neighbors to send you a Picnic Basket. This feature replaces the old ability to ask all of your neighbors to send you a Light Snack for a 10 coin reward. On the positive side, the new picnic baskets gives both parties a light snack. On the negative side, you have to send a request to your neighbor for the picnic basket, who must then approve or deny said request. This is much more time consuming than clicking a link on the news feed.

Then there’s the actual message accompanying the request:

Nothing like some good old fashioned emotional manipulation!

Wow. Please don’t let my family starve. That’s hardcore. If you don’t approve your neighbor’s request, you’re basically killing their small children. So go ahead and ignore it,¬† you murderer.

Picnic Time!

Official FrontierVille Screenshot Contest

Are you enjoying the new Water items? Do you have an eye for detail? Want to win 500 Horseshoes?

Taken from the Official Forum:

Howdy Pardners!

The FrontierVille team wants to see how creative you have been while decorating with the Water Features recently released. Post a screenshot of your homestead focusing on the water features and you can win 500 Horseshoes.

The winning entry will also be featured on FrontierVilles fan page!

You can read all about the contest, including the rules, here.

The deadline for the contest is August 3rd, and no photo-shopping is allowed.

Sounds fun! Unfortunately I’m not the best decorator and most of my frontier is crowded by crops. I’ll have to put my thinking cap on. Good luck everyone!

If you’re confused how to take a screenshot, here’s a quick step by step tutorial:

  1. Open up FrontierVille – You should know how to do this
  2. Open up Microsoft Paint – (Start > Program > Accessories > Paint or just type “Paint” in the Run search box)
  3. Decorate your Homestead to your Heart’s Content.
  4. Once you have your Homestead set up just right, you’re going to want to click the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard. Sometimes this looks like “prt sc” and is usually on the upper right hand side of your keyboard. On my keyboard, “prt sc” shares a key with the “insert” key and I have to push the “fn” key and “prt sc” at the same time.
  5. Switch Windows back to Paint. Either click “crtl” + “v” or the “Paste” button.
  6. After clicking Paste, your screenshot will be in the Paint window. It will be of your entire computer screen, including the top of the Facebook window. You can crop this down to size using the select tool.
  7. After you’ve cropped your image down to size it’s time to save it! Make sure you save it as a .jpeg file instead of a .bmp file. Bitmaps take up lots of space.

And you’re all set!

Happy Screen-shooting!

FrontierVille Update July 21st

Slip & Slide

A few days ago a new feature was released in FrontierVille that allowed players to tend their neighbors’ unready animals. By “unready” I mean not hungry or no yellow arrow. Tending an unready animal shortened the time until it was ready to be harvested, much like tending an unripe crop. Each tend reduces the growth time by 1/10th. By tending an animal or crop that takes an hour or less to harvest, it will be ready instantly.

This new change has been reflected in the new update, which saw the release of four new quests. Each new quest requires the player to tend a certain amount of unready animals on their neighbors’ land. I just counted and it seems that in total you have to tend:

  • 10 unready oxen
  • 10 unready pigs
  • 10 unready chickens
  • 3 unready cows
  • 5 unready goats

On top of that you need to collect certain items from each animal’s collection set. You’ll see what I mean once you load up the game.

Aside from the new quests there’s darling new water-themed decorations, including the new bird bath!

I couldn’t resist.

There’s also several new pond-type items, including a fishing hole and a hot tub! Each of the new ponds cost horseshoes, but they’re very cute. The frog ponds are both limited edition and will only be in the shop for six days. Which is quite a shame because¬† I already have the clunky old plain pond that I bought my first week of playing.

Now I have to decide if I want to turn my Homestead into the Land of Lakes or not.

FrontierVille Fun Facts

While I wait to get back in the game, here are some fun facts to look over:

  • FrontierVille currently has over 20 million players
  • 6.3 million people have built their frontier cabins
  • 3.3 million people have built a general store
  • 2.3 million people got married
  • 1.1 million people have had a kid
  • 10 million people have clobbered a snake (snakes were clobbered 252 million times)
  • 3.6 million people have scared away a bear (bears were scared away 128 million times)

To give you some perspective on this data, New York City has 8.3 million people.

I got the numbers from Destructoid & USA Today & AOL’s Games Blog.

Inside Social Games also commented on FrontierVille’s success in this article, where they compare FrontierVille to Zynga’s previous release Treasure Island. Treasure Island was the fastest growing Social Game ever, peaking at 27 million users and then falling to around 19 million today. FrontierVille hasn’t matched Treasure Island’s speed at amassing players so far, but maybe its player base will be more stable. Only time will tell.

FrontierVille Net Status 2 Error

Well, it’s finally happened.

The dreaded Net Status (2) Error has been affecting wide sections of the FrontierVille community. I thought I was immune. I thought wrong.

The above screenshot was taken a few minutes ago. Around 8:00 PM EST, I was hit with the error, and haven’t been able to log in since. For all others suffering this same fate, I feel your pain. I have a full energy bar and eggplants to harvest.

If you get hit with the error – take heart. This error is currently the number 1 priority (supposedly) for the FrontierVille team and they are working on a solution. Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow. Fingers Crossed.

If you DO get hit, or already have the error, you can and should submit a support ticket by clicking here.


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