Here we have a list of Frequently Asked Questions for players new and old alike. Feel free to sit a spell and read up on the local lore.

1. Where are my all my Neighbors? The Facebook page says I have 42 friends that play FrontierVille.

You have to add your neighbors manually, or receive an invitation from another friend. After loading the game, click either the ‘My Neighbors’ tab or the ‘Invite Friends’ tab. After your friend accepts the invitation to join you in the game, they will show up on the bottom bar. Friends are arranged according to their level.

2. How do I visit a Neighbor?

You click their portrait on the bottom bar. A menu will pop-up with the following options: Visit, Hire, & Send Gift. Select Visit. You will be transported to your neighbor’s frontier. Once there, you will be able to perform 5 actions as well as receiving a bonus of energy, coins, and cloth. Cloth is used for crafting clothes, an item needed for quests.

3. I didn’t get a bonus for visiting my Neighbor, what gives?

You get a bonus the first time you visit a neighbor, and then once every 24 hours after that. The visiting bonus is limited to a certain number of neighbors each day. To know how many bonuses you get, you take your reputation level (the red heart level) + 3 or 4. So if you had a reputation of 10, you’d be able to get a bonus for the first 13 or 14 neighbors you visited that day. Even if you don’t get the bonus you can still perform actions for food, experience, and reputation.

4. How do I increase my reputation level?

Your reputation level is shown next in a Red Heart next to your regular level by your name in the neighbor bar. To increase your reputation level you must visit your neighbors and help out their frontiers by performing actions. When you visit a neighbor and help them out, it takes no energy of your own, but gives you food, experience, and reputation points. Your reputation level is slower to increase than your regular level.

5. How do I hire a Neighbor?

Click your neighbor’s portrait in the bottom bar. A menu will pop-up with the following options: Visit, Hire, & Send Gift. Select ‘Hire’, you will receive a pop-up confirming if you’d like to hire your neighbor. Hiring a neighbor costs 50 coins. If you confirm, your cursor will temporarily turn into an image of your neighbor. Highlight the section of the frontier you’d like your neighbor to work on (NOTE: a hired neighbor can only perform actions that are ready to be performed – no unwithering or watering crops). The area will light up. After clicking it, the bonus from the action will appear all at once.

6. My Neighbors keep chopping down my trees! How do I stop them?

Sometimes you will log into the game and find a Neighbor on your property. This neighbor has visited your frontier and helped by performing actions. If you hover your cursor over the neighbor, an area will light up in blue. This is the area your neighbor is going to tend to. If you see that a tree is highlighted, this means the neighbor is going to chop down the tree. If you dismiss the neighbor, he or she will fade away without performing the action. Don’t worry – if you dismiss a neighbor they still get points for visiting you!

7. What’s Energy?

Energy is what enables your character to perform in-game actions such as harvesting crops or feeding animals. Thus far, all actions require 1 energy point. You gain more energy through eating food or resting. If resting, you will gain 1 energy point every 5 minutes. If you’d like to eat food, you can go to the market and buy a meal for food points. You gain food points from harvesting fruit trees and crops, and visiting neighbors. To add permanent points to your energy bar, you must complete certain item collections (Ox, Peanut, & Family). Alternatively, you can add one energy point to your bar by buying beef jerky from the marketplace for 30 horseshoes (Approx. 4$ American or 3.2 Euros).

8a. I cleared all my land! Now my spouse/child has to chop down trees/clear rocks/etc.

Don’t worry! It will grow back! FrontierVille is unique in that it has a dynamic environment. Rocks, skulls, cacti, thorns, wildflowers, and grass will all re-spawn on your frontier as long as you have empty space for them to grow on. If your frontier is covered in crops, then they will no where to grow! Make sure you keep some space handy.

8b. Seriously – I have no thorns?! How do I spawn thorns!??!

Thorns tend to grow in the upper right corner (very top) of the game map. If you clear this area your chances of spawning a thorn are higher, but it isn’t guaranteed.

9. What about trees?

Trees spawn randomly on cleared land. You can also purchase one or two (depending on your preference) from the Market. You can find Oak trees and Pine trees with the other fruit trees. If you plant an Oak/Pine, it will grow by ‘1’ point every 24 hours. For every point a tree has, it needs 1 chop to be chopped down. Oaks can grow up to 12 chops and Pines can grow up to 8. If you let a tree grow to its full height, it will eventually drop saplings (baby trees) onto blank space on your frontier. These will, in turn, grow into tall trees that will drop saplings, so on and so forth until you have a whole new forest!

NOTE: Only trees of 2 chops or 1 chop can be re-arranged. Once a tree reaches 3 chops it cannot be moved. – If you chop a tree down to a stump, eventually it re-grow into a new tree, but in the same place the stump was.

10. I want to redecorate, how do I move things?

Click the cursor icon in the bottom right corner, next to the the red stop sign. You’ll be able to move, rotate, and delete/sell items using these tools. You only make a profit selling/deleting fully grown, adult animals. Everything else will only give you less than half your money back. Only buildings and animals can be rotated. Wild growth and trees cannot be moved, only removed through actions (which cost energy).

11. I spawned a Groundhog/Snake/Bear! How do I get rid of it?

You have to click it until it goes away. Each varmint is spawned by a certain action. Groundhogs appear when you’re harvesting crops. Snakes appear when you’re clearing skulls and rocks. Bears come from chopping down trees. They are known to come when you hope they don’t and hide when you’re looking for them. Groundhogs are easiest to clobber, taking only 3-5 clicks. Bears are much stronger, and harder to scare. Each varmint may drop a collection item than can be turned in for a reward.

12. What are collections?

There are several items that randomly spawn throughout the game while you are performing actions. Each animal, building, crop, and tree has its own unique collection. A collection is made up of five items, with the fifth item being the most difficult to find. You can access your collections, and see which ones you can turn in, by clicking the ‘My Stuff’ icon in the lower right corner, and then clicking ‘Collections.’ Some collections give you experience or coins, others give you rare items that unwither your crops, add permanent energy to your energy bar, or instantly harvest all your animals!

13. I can’t find my spouse/child!

Children and spouses can’t run away (yet), he or she is probably behind the barn. Click ‘My Stuff’ on the lower right corner of the screen. Then select ‘Family Album.’ Here you will see all the members of your family. If you click the customize button, it will allow you change the look of your spouse/child/yourself – it will also bring up the option to ‘play’ as that character. Click play, and you are then in command of your spouse/child, click an area on the map, and the character will come accordingly.

14. I need 10,000 bricks to make a building, where do I get them?

All building supplies must be either gifted to you by neighbors, or bought using horseshoes. To send a building tool to a neighbor, click the ‘Free Gifts’ tab on the top. You receive the option to give your neighbor tools every time you visit their frontier.

15. How do I name my spouse/child?

Once you have a spouse and or child, you get to name them and customize their look. If you don’t like the name you gave your spouse/child originally, you can always change it. The default name is set to “Player’s Spouse” or “Player’s Child.” Changing the name is kind of tricky, but I found a way to get around it.

First, type the name you’d like to use. You can type it anywhere. After you’ve typed it, highlight it, and copy it. You can copy it by right clicking the highlighted text and selecting copy, or by pressing CRTL+C.

Second, click the “My Stuff” tab in the lower right corner. Select the Family Album. Under the character whose name you’d like to change, click “customize.” Using the cursor, highlight the current name. Right click the highlight, and select paste. The old name should have disappeared, being replaced by the one you previously typed and copied in step 1.

As of this writing, I haven’t had any success changing the name of my main character, but I was able to add a title to it.

16. How do I change my outfit? How do I change my spouse’s, child’s outfit?

In the lower right hand corner, click the “My Stuff” tab. Select “Family Album.” Click the “Customize” button underneath the character you’d like to change. Once you’ve finished, click “play.”

17. Where can I find bears?

Bears live in the Forest. As such, you find them by chopping down trees. Your best bet is to chop down a fully grown tree. An Oak is fully grown at 12 chops, and a Pine is fully grown at 8 chops. If you do not have a fully grown tree, wait for it to grow. Otherwise your chances of finding a bear inside go way down, and you’ll just have to wait for a new tree to grow anyway. Plus, as an added bonuses, sometimes an extra bear will spawn when you clear away the stump of a fully grown tree.

18. I spawned a groundhog but it disappeared and now I can’t find it !

This happens to me all the time and it’s VERY frustrating! But don’t worry – you can get around it. First, look for the area that is highlighted in red. This is where the gopher is hiding. They especially enjoy hiding under animals and behind buildings. Select the “Tools” section in the lower right hand corner (icon of a cursor), and change the cursor to the “Move” tool. Move the objects that are highlighted in red until you can find the gopher. This gets very annoying when you have crops covering most of your land have nowhere to put the objects, but eventually you’ll find the critter and clobber it!

19. I completed the Teach Hunting/Thorny Situation quest and didn’t get credit!

Some quests require either your spouse, your child, or either one to complete an action. In order to complete these quests your character can’t do the action. To switch the active character, just click the character you want to control with the cursor. The current character will have a small star above his/her head.

20. I accepted a Gift from my friend and it said “Limited Edition” and that I couldn’t collect it!

This is an error. The gift wasn’t a limited edition item. This means that your friend either sent you 2 gifts by mistake, or that the gift didn’t go through while sending. Sometimes when you are at the ‘Send Gifts’ screen and click ‘send’ twice, it sends two gifts, one of which will come up as limited edition. As of right now there are no limited edition items that can be sent through the ‘free gifts’ option.

21. How do I add items to my Wishlist?

If you want to add a collection item to the wishlist:

Click the “My Stuff” tab in the lower right corner. Select “Collections.” Find the item you would like to add the wishlist. Underneath the item there will be a small icon of a scroll. Click that.

If you want to add a tool to your wishlist:

Open up your inventory. Find the tool you would like to add to your wishlist. Underneath the item will be two icons, one of a gift box and one of a scroll. Click the scroll to add the item to your wishlist. As of right now, you can only add tools you currently own to the wishlist.

After you’ve completed the Wishlist you can publish it to the News Feed. You may only publish your wishlist once per day.

22. How do I send my neighbors gifts?

If you want to send a free gift click the “Gifts” tab on top of the gaming screen. A new screen will load showing all the free gifts you can send. Some of these are locked depending on your current level. After selecting the gift you want to send a new screen will load showing your friends list. In small type to the left above the list are filtering options. I’d suggest you click the “FrontierVille Friends” filter. You can send up to 90 invitations total, this includes free gifts. Free gifts do not come out of your inventory.

You can also send your neighbors in-game items too. These items do come out of your inventory. To send an item, you can either hover the cursor over the portrait of your neighbor in the bottom bar. Their wishlist should pop up. If you have one of these items in your inventory a little button entitled “send” or “gift” will show up. Click that, and there will be a pop up allowing you choose how many of the item you would like to send and to enter in a message for your friend to read.

23. How do I unlock the Horse?

The only way to get the horse to is my sharing your email with Zynga. In the Marketplace, under the Animals tab, you’ll find the horse. Underneath is an unlock button. Click that.

Please note that currently the horse is bugged. Some players have been able to get him, but most have not. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll receive an email in your inbox. Click the link in the email, and you will find one horse in your inventory, where your gifts usually are.

24. How do I sell my sheep/pigs/chickens?

In the lower right hand corner, click the “My Tools” tab. Select “Sell,” then click the item you wish to sell. There will be a pop-up confirming if you wish to sell the item. Animals can be sold for food and a small profit. Trees are not sold for profit. Crops receive no sell bonus.

NOTE: If you have a quest to sell adult animals, make sure the confirmation notice says “Would you like to sell this Adult Pig” and not “Would you like to sell this Pig” – there is a difference.

25. How do I find the items for the Crafting Collection?

The Crafting Collection has not been fully implemented at this time. Currently the only way to get items for the crafting collection is through the Daily Weather Bonus or by purchasing the Mystery Collectible Crates. You could also try to trade with a neighbor who has found the items that way.

More Q&A coming soon!


12 Responses to “FrontierVille F.A.Q.”

  1. 1 Lydia Guffey July 22, 2010 at 10:34 PM

    I am blocked FB won’t let me retrieve my gives and and collect posts. This is now the 3rd day. Please help!! I enjoy playing these games and am very competative. Thank you for your creative mind.

  2. 2 pioneerparty July 23, 2010 at 1:38 AM

    Hi Lydia!

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble! Is the problem solely related to accepting gifts? Or can you not get into the game at all?

    You might want to try contacting Zynga support directly. You can do so at the following link:

  3. 3 Laurie July 26, 2010 at 3:14 AM

    Can you tell me how to get the crafters cottage for the crafting collection?


    • 4 pioneerparty July 26, 2010 at 12:54 PM

      Hi Laurie!

      The Crafting Collection has not been fully implemented at this time. Currently the only way to get items for the crafting collection is through the Daily Weather Bonus or by purchasing the Mystery Collectible Crates.

      Great Question! I’m going to add it to the FAQ.

  4. 5 Nancy July 27, 2010 at 2:14 AM

    It’s not true that trees won’t spawn once your gone. I cleared all the pine trees off my land but new ones keep growing. And yes, I know they are all gone because I cleared everything before I knew you needed to keep some for later

  5. 7 Claire Robichaud August 16, 2010 at 2:55 AM

    i lost the goals for the teacher for school how can i get it, i am stucked, cannot do anything at the school ?

  6. 8 Marg McKenzie September 29, 2010 at 6:18 AM

    I have items in my inventory that I no longer need but there are no gifting icons so I can’t give them away either. How can I clear these from my inventory?

  7. 9 KathyLewis February 25, 2011 at 3:44 PM

    I,m trying to find out what harvest mean and how. {animals]

  8. 10 David Arrasco July 17, 2011 at 4:50 PM

    i cant get my wife to go help on neighbours homesteads help please

  9. 11 lindy goldring August 18, 2011 at 10:13 PM

    ireally enjoy playng the games on here but am so frustrated as my icon cursor on pioneerville will not move to display the move sign or any other sign hence i can,t play this brilliant game made even worse as i can play frontierville as icon cursor works fine as on all other games i play please help !!

  10. 12 Amy Ward October 7, 2011 at 4:38 AM

    I cant get married or get the quest that I need to get married can anyone help me i want to get the quests so i can get on the pioneer trail

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