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FrontierVille Scam Alert

This, Sir, is a Confidence Trick!

As of this writing, there are no cheats in FrontierVille. All the cheats you see advertised on Facebook, Youtube, and the general internet at large are nothing more than scams. They are designed to steal your personal information and use that information in a malicious way.

Having said that I’d just like to take this time to say that the FrontierVille Staff, or the Zynga Staff, will NEVER ask you for your password or for your personal information. NEVER give out your password to ANYONE – no matter who they claim to be. Giving out this information will NOT give you free Horseshoes or Experience.

Do NOT download any program which promises to hack into the game and give you free items and levels. This is not a legitimate program, it is a Trojan designed to steal your personal information. You may have seen advertisements for such programs on blogs, YouTube, or Facebook along with comments from people claiming that they work. These comments are actually from infected users or from the creator’s own poorly masked aliases.

If a friend sends you a suspiciously short and misspelled message followed by a link, don’t click the link. It’s probably going to lead you somewhere unsafe.

No You Didn’t

There are currently no cheats in FrontierVille. At least there are no “A,B,<,>,^,<,B” type cheats.

There are, however, several “tips and tricks” type-cheats floating around, like the Chicken Coop Bonus. Personally, I really don’t consider these little tid bits of information “cheats” – which is why I write about them.

I think there is a fine line between Cheating and Bending the Rules. I’m never going to post out-right cheats wherein the user enters a few lines of code into a third party program to receive some sort of benefit. Not gonna do it, not gonna use it, don’t wanna know about it. That type of cheating ruins social games.

What I will post about are rule-benders, strategies, and little known tips and tricks. So far I’ve shared everything I know with you, my faithful readers, and if I learn any new tricks I’ll share those too.


Ironically, after posting this article, I received 2 spam bot hits trying to woo me with the allure of cheats and free horseshoes. Remember kiddos – no cheats as of yet – only scams!


Growing FrontierVille Wildflowers, Cacti, Skulls, & Rocks

A recent trend I’ve spied among my FrontierVille Neighbors is to keep the borderline around your frontier, specifically in the bottom corner, empty. At first I didn’t get it, but over time the intention has become clear. These pioneers are farming debris.

Not just any debris: Wildflowers, Cacti, Skulls, & Rocks to be exact. Remember that Thorn map from an earlier post? This follows the same concept. Certain wild flora are more likely to spawn in certain areas (thorns to the north, everything else south).

We Don’t Beat Around the Bush at Pioneer Pary

The above photo comes from my neighbor FrontierGirl’s homestead. Notice all the cacti and skulls? Nice.

Since we’ve been seeing more and more quests that require the player to clear these debris/wild flora, it’s a smart investment to try and grow some to have on hand.

Don’t worry if visiting neighbors try to clear it, you can always dismiss their actions.

I had plants growing all along my borders, but I decided to try my hand at making a Cactus Skull Farm. I cleared a one-space border on both sides of my bottom border and waited. And waited. Nothing grew. Then I realized I didn’t clear enough space. Hand on forehead – rookie mistake. So instead of having a one-space clearing on both sides, I made a two-space clearing on the bottom right side and filled up the border on the bottom left with crops. Within two days I had three cacti!

The Proof is in the Cactus Pudding

I was surprised at how quickly they grew! Of course, they brought along grass and saplings. For now I’m only clearing the grass and stocking up on everything else. You never know when you’ll need it!

Authors Note:

Saplings and 2 chop trees should be movable objects. Currently they are not. This is a bug and the FrontierVille Team is “working on it.”


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