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FrontierVille Update July 21st

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A few days ago a new feature was released in FrontierVille that allowed players to tend their neighbors’ unready animals. By “unready” I mean not hungry or no yellow arrow. Tending an unready animal shortened the time until it was ready to be harvested, much like tending an unripe crop. Each tend reduces the growth time by 1/10th. By tending an animal or crop that takes an hour or less to harvest, it will be ready instantly.

This new change has been reflected in the new update, which saw the release of four new quests. Each new quest requires the player to tend a certain amount of unready animals on their neighbors’ land. I just counted and it seems that in total you have to tend:

  • 10 unready oxen
  • 10 unready pigs
  • 10 unready chickens
  • 3 unready cows
  • 5 unready goats

On top of that you need to collect certain items from each animal’s collection set. You’ll see what I mean once you load up the game.

Aside from the new quests there’s darling new water-themed decorations, including the new bird bath!

I couldn’t resist.

There’s also several new pond-type items, including a fishing hole and a hot tub! Each of the new ponds cost horseshoes, but they’re very cute. The frog ponds are both limited edition and will only be in the shop for six days. Which is quite a shame becauseĀ  I already have the clunky old plain pond that I bought my first week of playing.

Now I have to decide if I want to turn my Homestead into the Land of Lakes or not.


FrontierVille Update 6/24!

Another week, another update.

I’m still trying to complete the chicken quest from last week’s update.

Yesterday saw some new items being added to the game. If you go to the market you’ll find:

New Crops:


-Apricot Tree

New Livestock:


New Cash Items:


-Thorns & Cacti (these still will spawn for free, but if you’re impatient you can buy them for cash)

-Collectibles Mystery Chest (gives you 6 random “collections” items that can turn in for a collections reward)

New Varmint:

-Fox, spawns from feeding chickens, sheep, or geese. Can and will eat your baby chicks.

-Feed reward is one baby chick.

But the most annoying and far reaching aspect of this new update is the changes to the collections rewards. Previously, if you had turned in either the Ox, Peanut, or Family collection you would receive a permanent increase to your energy bar. This was a rather good reward, as energy is one of the most important aspects of the game, since its needed to do just about anything and everything. These were the only ways to gain energy. That has now been changed.

The Ox reward is now a free cow and some food, Peanut reward is an Unwither Crop Boost, and Family collection gives you +5 to your reputation bar.

Of these three, Unwither Crop Boost is the most valuable. It had previously been available from the Wheat Collection, which was also changed, and now the wheat collection gives you some junky decorations.

On the bright side, the developers did add a +1 energy increase when you level up, but it’s only available every other level.

I’m very disappointed with this new update. The geese and the apricot tree are cute, but I don’t understand why the developers chose to take away our energy increases. Since day 1 they’ve slowly but surely been hacking away at our ability to increase our energy bars. I have a decent amount of energy already – not great, but enough to get by – but my heart goes out to those new players who want to try to get ahead in this game, the going will be rough indeed.


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